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Vanessa helped me connect with my father who passed away about a year and a half ago. Through meditation she guided me to feel his presence and shortly after she received messages that could only have been from him. These messages brought me peace about where he is and since then, I have become more and more spiritually connected with her help and guidance.


Natali D

Vanessa was able to provide me with a reading and left me mind blown, when she mentioned a situation i haven't  even told a single soul. and how correct she was. She was able to realign me and help me move forward. I thank her greatly for her services. If you are on the fence to get a reading with her let this be your sign to do it. You wont regret it. She is the real deal

Arleen H

Today I need closure and some answer's to my life. Contacted Vanessa with hopes of just getting some kind of lighting on my situation, She came by and was a breathe of fresh air.

Her energy was very bright and positive and she gave me a wonderful reading. she gave me detailIs that I was missing to complete my puzzle and gave me hopes. She took her time which, I totally loved and checked answers in different forms. She took the time to explain things as well so that I didn't stay confused with the answers. Thank you Vanessa I honestly Hope that love and light comes to you in all forms along with your guides 


Jessie  F

Vanessa is a beautiful soul.  She has provided a service for my daughter  that has gone above my expectations. Not only was she able to gain the trust, and understanding But was also able to shed light on her gifts as well as what was blocking her. Since we started our sessions with her my daughter has become excited again and has helped build our  communications. Iam super grateful that we found an angel with such a bright light to guide those who are lost. She truly has been a gift to our family.  In a short amount of time we have already seen the benefits of the work Vanessa has provided for our family.

Thank you Vanessa -

Jasmine W

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